Smart commuting experience

Next generation Smart Mobility Solution

There are way too many cars on the road, increasing pollution and traffic. Time to make public transport effective.

Journee is empowering commuters to buy tickets digitally, check in digitally and track public transport, all through a simple smartphone app.

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Commuter Experience

  • Buy passes right from mobile
  • Cashless transactions for Ticketing
  • Accurate crowd info along with location and arrival time
  • Plan journey using accurate arrival, load and delay information
  • Digital invoice/ticket copies for official reimbursement

Do you have more ideas which we can add to make the commuter’s experience better? We’d love to hear from you!

Conductor Experience

  • Automatic invoice reporting
  • Performance based incentives
  • Reduce cash handling problems

Transport Authority

  • Real time fleet tracking
  • Route efficiency information
  • Reduced cash handling
  • Makes public transport as an attractive option
  • Enables customer feedback channel

Why Us?

We are working towards eliminating all the problems in commuting

Data Security

We ensure digital privacy, with end-to-end encyption

Easy Usage

We’ve designed our app to be simple and user friendly. We are also open to tailor our app according to your inputs to make it easier for you.

Techno Driven

Innovation and technology is our key to success. When we say next generation we always mean the technology of the future.

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